Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to fly to Jakarta?

Yes, currently Jakarta is the only International Airport open in Indonesia.


QUARANTINE IS MANDATORY FOR 5 DAYS IN JAKARTA Email us for a list hotels in Jakarta for quarantine. Once quarantine is completed you are required to have a negative PCR test before exiting. Self-Quarantine is suggested upon arrival into Indonesia but not mandatory.
You will need to provide a negative COVID test on arrival at Jakarta airport. Please follow the COVID health protocol: Wearing a mask (all the time) Washing of hands (frequently) Physical Distancing (2 M) Social Distancing (Work from Home, Self-Quarantine 14 Days if symptoms, avoid crowded places) If you test positive for covid-19 during your time in Indonesia, you are responsible to pay independently for any medical or expenses associated. You will need to self-isolate for 14 days and after self-quarantine you will arrange a medical health check by a doctor to declare a clear check of health.

How many people are ahead of me in the queuing system if I do not make payment?

Applications are processed the day after payment is received in our accounting department, so it will depend on how many applications are in the queue before you.

How long will it take to process my application when the system reopens?

It will depend on when you piad your application and how many are in the system before you. It will also depend on the amount that Jakarta can process per business day.

When will applications for e-visa open again?

This is an Indonesian Government and Immigration decision. We have no authority to provide a timeline.

What is happening right now with my current application?

We started processing all the applications that were in our earlier database on the 10th of February after we were given the clearance to go ahead on the 9th of February. The start of the 14 business days began on the 12th of February as there was a Public Holiday. 14 days was due on to expire on the 2nd of March. Going forward it will depend on when we received payment clearance. We are anticipating that applications will be completed before the 14 business days expires.

What will happen to our applications after the 14 business days is up and they are still not approved?

THOSE STUCK IN PROCESS: You can arrange to have a full refund or stay in process and once re-opened again you will get priority service 1-3 working days. NEW APPLICATIONS WHO PAY IN FULL: You can complete your application with me, pay in full and it will be placed on hold until the applications process is re-opened. If you proceed with this option you will be automatically eligible for our Credit Plus Program. (see the attachment this entitles you to) NEW APPLICATIONS NOT PAID: You can complete your application with me, without payment. If you choose this option you will be placed in the queue however your processing won’t start until all those who have paid are processed. WAIT: You can choose to wait until the service is re-opened to make your application. REFUND: Cancel process and request a refund. This will take 14 business days for your refund. And you will have to re-apply when the system is re-opened. Please note you will lose your position in our que for when processing begins, as we have a limited quota per day for applications we can process. (our refund policy states that if your application was made after the 22nd of January a 10% administration fee applies).

Can I apply for a KITAS whilst overseas?

Immigrationo is not processing offshore KITAS applications until further notice.

Do we need a COVID test

Yes, You are required to provide an English version of a negative PCR test NO OLDER THAN 72 HOURS FROM YOUR DEPARTING COUNTRY. This includes children.

Do children need a visa?

Yes, every person needs a visa. Children will fall under the same category as their parents.

How do I pay?

You can choose your payment method when you fill in your application form. Direct Bank Transfer Transferwise Western Union PayPal (plus 10%)

How much money needs to be on the bank statements?

Equivalent to $1500 USD. Bank statements can be in any currency as long as it shows your full name.